Malaysia Best Blog 2015

Belajar SEO PontianMalaysia Best Blog 2015 article is my personal view about blogging activity in Malaysia.

ctually this article was written as to congratulate the organizers and respect to Mr Khirol Hazwan as advocated the biggest SEO contest in year 2015. Actually it is not easy to organize such as big SEO competition game.

Congratulations once again.

Turning to the issue earlier, I had a distinct view of the blogs listed below will be later. For me it is not a simple task to be the best among the best.

 How do I rate a blog was to be crowned as Malaysia’s Best Blog 2015.

Is it because having a high number of visitors?

Is it because has a number of LIKE” on social media that high?

What is a blog that always win every reasonable SEO competition crowned the title of all that?

The answers are below …

For me a blog deserve all that the title should be niche blogswho managed to tell about niche blogs with good.

For example, if a blog that tells about a career, then in each writing must relate to careers as well and treated with detail from one article to another article.

This will create a website or blog into a useful reference material to the readers or visitors.

Amanz | Information Latest technology is worth held Malaysia Blog Best Blog 2015 because managed to be a reference to the reader who is looking for information about the world of technology. Virtually all Internet users in Malaysia today recognize this site. Any information about today’s technology gadgets presented in detail. It is difficult to succeed in a niche” but amanz has proven that he is capable of being the best of the blog as a reference technology in Malaysia.

World Information Officer Exam Tadbir And Diplomatic M41 Blog bernichekan this career is complete with test information is always sought after by prospective SPA exam grade 27 and 41. Each time menjelangnya exam, this site is definitely going diselongkar by readers. Because of what? Because the information and references therein have important for exam candidates SPA.

 Car News and Reviews in Malaysia Tells about the world train to the fullest. I am indeed strong readers on this blog. Promulgation of the train you can be detailed here. Paultan an automotive magazine number one in Malaysia.

turn To Give A personal blog that has followers who are so crowded in Malaysia. Denaihati influence in the world of blogging in Southeast Asia is great. it is not only recognized in Malaysia sake only, but also in Indonesia. Arguably this denaihati may be a source of inspiration for new bloggers and also old. Articles relating to the issue and also wanderer processed during the writing style-quality and distinctive.

Abang Ensem Blog A blog that debuted collect followers resurfacing Hartanah through writing in his blog. The blog owner is a former bank employee who has chosen to retired and became a full-time expert Hartanah resurfacing. Through his blog dikongsi many tips about Hartanah resurfacing. Now if you want to know more about resurfacing Hartanah such as how to make housing loans, you may maklumatnya conference here, or continue to contact the owner of the blog. At the present time he is busy resurfacing Hartanah arrange seminars throughout the country.

That’s among the few blogs worth held Malaysia Best Blogs of 2015. Actually, many more pages that may listed as the best.


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2 responses to “Malaysia Best Blog 2015”

  1. suhiminain says :

    Tahniah! Walaupun content hanya 2, tapi berjaya untuk tersenarai dalam SERP Google pada hari ini (02-02-2014) bagi carian malaysia best blog 2015. 🙂


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